MBW Calibration is recognized internationally as a developer and supplier of high quality chilled mirror dew point hygrometers used in a variety of humidity calibration, measurement and gas quality applications.

Most notably, their instruments provide the calibration traceability for many laboratories such as humidity instrument manufacturers and National Metrology Institutes. MBW dew point mirrors continue to be chosen as transfer standards for inter-laboratory comparisons both regionally and internationally. With recent requirements for higher performance humidity measurement in the meteorological industry, MBW are increasingly the preferred supplier for low uncertainty measurement and calibration systems to National Meteorological and Hydrological Service organisations.

Since its inception, Measurements International (MI) has been manufacturing high quality test and measuring instruments for the metrology and power industries. From its small, specialized beginning, MI has grown into one of the industry’s premier companies providing new, innovative, standards technology.

Measurements International has successfully delivered automated systems to every national laboratory responsible for maintaining reference values for temperature, resistance, voltage, current and power to the highest obtainable accuracy.

Thunder Scientific Corporation has been the world’s leading humidity instrument manufacturer for 50 years. We continually introduce new products to help customers handle their humidity needs, whether in a metrology lab or in challenging industrial environments, Thunder will continue to provide humidity instruments for years to come. Visit us at our next show to see the latest innovations in humidity as well as our newest models.

Our current manufacturing and calibration facility is located adjacent to Kirtland Air Force Base and Sandia National Laboratories.Our staff includes experienced metrologists, engineers, and technicians. The members of our technical staff have a combined level of 75 years of experience in humidity calibration metrology. They share their passion for the field with a dedication to customer service.


Presys focus on providing the best solution in what are considered two of the most difficult areas in the process market in a straightforward and consistent manner, regardless of the complexity of the application. This imposes the added difficulty of integrating the increasingly stringent demands of the process market with the assurance that their products will meet customers needs and expectations for safety, reliability and accuracy.

“We are confident that you will find our products and services among the best in the world. At Presys our commitment as professionals is to serve the process industry and those who work in it. We look forward to having you as one of our valued customers.”


WhiteStone Technology is a company whose mission is applied research, technological development and innovation for the creation of solutions in the field of technology applied to Telemedicine, Calibration and Testing Laboratories Management, Creativity and Visual Language and Process Management and Customer Support Services.

Founded in Sydney, Australia, WhiteStone Technology has been supporting many organizations worldwide since the year 2000. The company currently has a portfolio of clients including large national and international corporations in virtually all industry sectors.


Fensor are the suppliers of the HG-101. The HG-101 allows simple and
rapid realization of relative humidity calibration of sensors, probes, loggers and recorders from any manufacturer. Interchangeable probe ports are available to fit most types of instrument and the measuring chamber is replaceable allowing Metrologists validate most types of measurement equipment.

The standard probe test cell has 7 ports for probes up to 30mm in diameter. Test cells with up to 7 probe ports and customized solutions to suit different instrument types such as loggers with integrated sensors are available.