473 Dew Point Mirror

The 473 is the lowest cost MBW dew point instrument, yet it has similar performance and the same user interface as high end instruments. It features cable mounted dew point measuring heads that allow the user to measure directly within the application environment, and include a temperature probe as standard. Using both measured variables, the 473 is able to calculate, display and output relative humidity. As an option, the 473 can be specified with a barometric pressure sensor. Three different measuring heads with 2 m connecting cables are available (lengths up to 10 m can be provided on some versions on request).

  • Fundamental drift free humidity measurement
  • Cable mounted frost/dew point measuring head
  • Sample gas flow modules
  • Precise temperature measurement
  • Barometric pressure
  • Intuitive, easy to use LCD touch screen user interface
  • Frost/dew point range: -30 to +99 ̊C
  • Temperature: -50 to +100 ̊C
  • Temperature with T12: -200 to +250 ̊C
  • Transfer standard for relative humidity generators
  • Climatic chamber validation
  • Engine test cells
  • Calibration of test conditions
  • Standards laboratories
  • Validation of production and storage conditions
  • Dryer performance tests
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