MI 6010D Resistance Bridge

The MI 6010D Resistance Bridge is the Metrologist’s Choice for primary lab level resistance measurements. Recognised as the world’s leading Automated Resistance/Thermometry Bridge, the AccuBridge® 6010D is ideal for resistance measurements in both resistance metrology and temperature thermometer applications. With its innovative technology, the AccuBridge® 6010D’s speed, measurement accuracy, and data handling capabilities, make it the preferred primary resistance measurement system in NMIs and other primary labs worldwide. The MI 6010D is designed for
flexibility and ease of use.

Ratio Range & Accuracy-

The AccuBridge® Direct Current Comparator with its binary wound current comparator technology balances current with effective resolution of 25 bits. It provides ratio measurements with an accuracy to better than 40 parts in 10-9. It covers a ratio range of from 0.0769:1 to 14:1, with a linearity of better than 5 parts in 10-9. The 6010D can perform ratio measurements with resistances valued from 0.001 ohm to 100 k ohms. A line of optional high current range extenders permits measurements down to 1 micro ohm for shunt resistance measurement applications.

Full Featured Standalone or Automated Resistance Operation

The 6010D Bridge itself can ratio a standard resistor with another resistor being tested. Optional 10, 16 or 20 channel scanners can be used individually or together to connect to up to 40 channels of ratio measurement for up to 40 different test resistors.

The 6010D is perfectly suited for stand-alone operations or you can team it with MI’s AccuBridge® 6010SW Windows®-based Operating Software for fully automated measurements, history logging, graphing, and regression analysis. Standalone operation with the 6010D’s touch sensitive display panel provides full bridge capabilities to the operator. Ratio or direct resistance measurements can be made. Multiple measurements over time can be numerically displayed or graphically displayed to best fit the user’s needs.

Full Featured Standalone or Automated Temperature Operation

For temperature applications, such as measuring SPRTs and PRTs, the 6010D can translate the resistance data into temperature units, simplifying these applications greatly using MI’s Accu-T-Cal software package.

  • Featuring true ratio self calibration
  • Range 0.01Ω to 100KΩ
  • 7” touch screen and USB
  • Accuracy < 40 x 10-9 for 1:1 ratios
  • Accuracy < 40 x 10-9 for 10:1 ratios
  • Linearity < 5 x 10-9
  • Binary wound current comparator
  • Manual and Automatic Operation
  • Ratio 13:1, Accuracy 0.04 ppm
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