WhiteStone Calibry is a 100% Web-based, multi-language solution focused on the optimization of the global management of measurement and control instrumentation. It is designed for laboratories and industries that require the management of technical assets in order to ensure the quality of measurements and tests.

The system designed by professionals of the sector, based on the technical and management requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 International Standard.

Calibry is the tool conceived to manage a broad base of instrumentation and equipment used in calibration and test laboratories as well as companies with measurement and control processes.

The web platform guarantees fast and safe access to customer equipment information and its status within the process. This transparency of management is one of the pillars on which the establishment of confidence between the customer and the service provider is sustained.

The documentation processes managed with Calibry conform a solution totally adequate for centralized or distributed company organization models, at both the national and international level.

The Quality Management System inherent in Calibry provides an innovative response to the formal requirements applied to all levels of company records and documents.

Calibry facilitates the optimum planning of all the necessary tasks for equipment traceability and assurance of the quality of measurement results.

It provides customers and assessors with the objective evidence that guarantees traceability to national standards of all the equipment items included in the system in an immediate and transparent manner.

Calibry Mobile is the solution for organizations with a geographically or organizationally decentralized infrastructure that provides the optimum performance of operational functionalities at customer premises.

A hosted service in a platform that provides a configuration with the high levels of security and integrity required by modern organizations, whilst ensuring maximum flexibility of corporative IT infrastructure.

WhiteStone Calibry is compatible with Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 10 Microsoft Edge browsers.