CM1 Calibration Manifold

Humidity Calibration for any type of probe

The CM1 is a manifold used for the calibration of RH and dew point probes in a variety of scenarios. It features 6 probe ports, each of which can be fitted with an adapter to fit any probe between 4 and 30 mm in diameter. A series of PRT insertion points are included so that thermal gradients through the manifold can be determined using multichannel reference thermometers such as the MBW T12.

The inlet and outlet of the CM1 are standard Swagelok 6mm fittings. These can be connected to any type of humidity generator, reference hygrometer or calibration rig where a gas flow is available. The complete assembly is placed in to a controlled environment in the range -50…200 °C. The high thermal mass of the CM1 stabilises temperature fluctuations, so humidity stability is based only on the humidity generator.

Temperature Calibration

Most RH probes include temperature measurement. Correctly used, the CM1 will allow the calibration engineer to simultaneously calibrate integrated temperature measurement.

Either the RH probe ports or the PRT insertion points on the top of the CM1 can be used for thermometer calibration. The CM1 can be placed in to a climatic chamber, or placed on to a temperature controlled surface. The high thermal mass of the CM1 reduces short term temperature fluctuations, but increases response to changes, so proper evaluation is essential to resolve best measurement capability.

Configurable Probe Ports

Each probe port connects in series to the gas flowing through the manifold. Probe adapters are available in plastic (Acetal) for use over the range -20…80 °C, and aluminum for the range -50…200 °C. The adapters are carefully produced to provide a close fit into the manifold to minimize leaks and maintain good thermal contact.

Typical Applications

  • RH Probe Calibration
  • Dew Point Probe Calibration
  • Dew Point Mirror Probe Calibration
  • Thermometer Calibration
  • Flow through chamber
  • Interchangeable probe adapters
  • -50…200 °C operating range
  • Six probe adapter ports
  • Multiple PRT insertion points for gradient determination
  • Enables RH calibration at working temperatures up to 200°C
  • High thermal mass stabilises temperature
  • Suitable for use with any humidity generator or test chamber

Operating Ranges

  • Temperature: -50…200 °C with Aluminium probe adapters, -20…80 °C for Acetal
  • Relative Humidity: 0…99 %rh
  • Flow Rate: 0.2…5 l/min
  • Pressure: Atmospheric

Additional Information

  • Body Material: Anodised black aluminium
  • Probe Adapter Material: Anodised blue Aluminium, high temperature O ring seals, Black Acetal, Nitrile O rings
  • Gas Connections: Swagelok 6mm
  • Weights & Dimensions: 2 kg. W150 x D100 x H120mm

Product ID

  • CM1: CM1 Manifold, 6x 30mm probe ports, 6mm Swagelok inlet/outlet
  • CM1-O-AL30: Set of 6 Silicon O rings for CM1 30mm ports for use up to 200°C
  • CM1-A-AL30-15: Aluminium probe adapter, 15mm internal Ø (others available)
  • CM1-A-AC30-15: Acetal probe adapter, 15mm internal Ø (others available)
  • CM1-B-AL30: Aluminium bung for 30mm probe port
  • CM1-B-AC30: Acetal bung for 30mm probe port