Dew-Frost point calibration made easy

The Frost Point Generator is an easy and fast way to calibrate multiple dew-point sensors in the range 0… -100 °C.

Based on control and measurement of temperature and pressure, the FPG enables precise test and calibration of dew point sensors, moisture analysers and most types of hygrometer. The FPG is compact, transportable and suitable for use in the laboratory and on-site.

Qrometric are launching the FPG at the prestigious CIM international metrology congress in Lyon, France 7-10th March 2023. You can meet the team and see the FPG working on stand 2A100.

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Primary saturator humidity generator – fundamental precision.
Transportable – suitable for use in the laboratory or on-site.
Self-contained – no need for external services.
0… -100 °C dew point – covers the working range of most DP instruments.
Three configurable probe ports – compatible with all types of dew point probe.
Programmable presets – quick and easy running of common processes.
Transfer standard sample loop – connection of a reference instrument.
Moisture Analyser connection – enables calibration of all types of hygrometer.

Click here for the full description and specifications.




Click here for the full description and specifications.

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