Humidity Knowledge

Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air or other gases.  Sometimes it’s described (incorrectly) as moisture.  But however its described, most people pay little attention to humidity and have no idea how important it really is.

The Qrometric team have been active in this niche field of technology for many years and have seen it move from being described as a ‘black art’ to a measurement technology that has reached everyday products like mobile phones and automobiles.  25 years ago, there were maybe some hundreds of thousands of measurements, today there are hundreds of millions.  All humidity measurement systems have to be adjusted or calibrated at some point, many have to be re-calibrated and this is the basis of our experience.  We can also be confident that having ‘been there before’, we know what works and what doesn’t.  There are other organisations around the world where humidity equipment is developed, calibrated, tested, broken and improved and we’ve tried to provide our recommendations to you through the links throughout our web site.

Here is a great starting point for further reading with this pdf from the NPL: A guide to measurement of humidity.

Humidity References:

Listed below are some of the centers of excellence we go to for the best expertise in the humidity field.