Qrometric Stand at Sensors and Instrumentation Live

Qrometric – our UK debut at Sensor and Instrumentation LIVE 2019

Qrometric exhibited in the UK for the first time at Sensor and Instrumentation LIVE 2019 presenting examples of the best-in-class instrumentation they represent and support.

Qrometric Stand at Sensors and Instrumentation Live

Ned and Jonathan from Qrometric travelled north to the NEC in late September for the 10th Sensors and Instrumentation Live exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. The show gave us chance to demonstrate instruments from MBW Calibration, Fensor and Measurements International to UK and international visitors. 

Highlights included the MBW Calibration range of high-performance chilled mirror dew point hygrometers and thermometry systems, the Measurement International 6020T automated thermometry bridge, Fensor HG101 USB humidity calibrator and Calibry instrument calibration validation software from Whitestone.

Patrick Horn, Business Development Manager from MBW Calibration HQ in Switzerland was also onsite and spent time chatting with visitors and briefing Qrometric on news from the industry. 

We also took advantage of a night out for supper in the Balti Triangle – the area south of Birmingham city centre famous for it’s curry. 

Qrometric had the MBW Calibration 973 with them for evaluation. The 973 Dew Point Mirror is a portable instrument equipped with an integral measuring head for both spot and continuous measurement of dew/frost point in air and other gases. Based on the chilled mirror principle, the 973 provides fundamental, drift free and precise humidity measurement.  For many applications it is a transfer standard.

Also on display was the MBW Calibration 473 – the 473 is the entry level MBW dew point instrument, however it has similar performance and the same user interface as the more excpensive instruments. It features cable mounted dew point measuring heads that allow the user to measure directly within the application environment and includes a temperature probe as standard. Using both measured variables, the 473 is able to calculate, display and output relative humidity.

Featured at the entrance showcase, the MBW Spider temperature sensor mounting system for climatic chambers quickly and consistently enables users to position temperature sensors within climatic chambers to simplify the setup of chamber temperature uniformity, calibration and validation tests. It features 11 sensor mounts made from flexible and insulating silicone that thermally isolate the temperature sensor from stainless-steel mounting rods meeting the current requirements of climatic testing standards and guidelines. It is used in conjunction with the MBW Calibration T12 Thermometer.

The T12 is a precise and stable platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) multi-channel temperature measurement system.
MBW Calibration T12 and Spider

Available for demonstration was the Fensor HG101 USB humidity calibrator that enables engineers to perform on-site RH calibration checks in a matter of minutes. The HG101 is designed to be thermally stable on-site, has an extremely rapid RH set point change and has space for calibration of up to six RH probes at the same time. With free of charge control and data acquisition apps, the HG101 is an ideal starter system for RH calibration.

Finally on show was the Measurements International 6020T – the AccuBridge® 6020T Thermometry Bridge is the metrologist’s choice for primary lab level thermometry measurements. With its innovative technology, the 6020T’s speed, measurement accuracy and data handling capabilities make it the preferred primary thermometry measurement system in National Measurement Institutes (NMIs) and other primary labs worldwide.