Our current capabilities include:


With 60 years of combined experience in Metrology, our team has a reasonable chance of being able to answer your question, or know someone who can.  Of course we are a commercial organisation, so there’s eventually some necessity to earn something for the time we invest, but if this is not possible, we’d rather give good advice and maintain a positive reputation.

If you don’t need a solution from one of the products we supply, we’ll suggest a suitable product or supplier who has a reputation for precision, integrity and professional support.  Get in touch if you can’t find a solution or need an improvement to your existing systems and we’ll do our best to help.

Our primary expertise is in the measurement and calibration of humidity, temperature and low pressure; we offer free initial application consultation and see where this develops.  If required we can provide on-site consultancy visits on a day rate basis.  Get in touch if you feel we can help.

Repair & Maintenance

We service and repair all the products we supply.  In the event that our expertise does not find a solution, with your approval, we will manage the repair through the manufacturer including transportation and customs clearance.

In some circumstances, we are able to provide loan or hire equipment during the repair process.