Service and Repair

Humidity and temperature instruments need regular service and occasional repair to maintain optimal performance and functionality.

Transfer standards such as dew point chilled mirrors provide the very best measurement capability and long-term stability to support low uncertainty measurement and calibration. Humidity generators and calibrators form the basis of calibration and test systems, but they also need routine maintenance and sometimes repair.

Qrometric can Service and Repair:

  • Dew point chilled mirror hygrometers
  • Relative humidity (RH) transfer standards
  • RH generators and calibrators
  • Dew point generators
  • Spectroscopic (laser) hygrometers and moisture analysers

MBW 373HX repair
Thunder Scientific 2500 service © Qrometric Ltd

Supplementary Services:

As our capabilities include calibration, after service and repair we can test, validate performance, and calibrate your instruments.

If our service team cannot find a solution, with your approval, we can manage the repair through the manufacturer including transportation and customs clearance if required.

In some circumstances, we are able to provide loan or hire equipment during the repair process.