Qrometric have recently completed 9 point thermal shock chamber calibration for a customer in the medical field. 

Thermal Shock Chamber Validation
Thermal Shock Chamber Validation

A thermal shock test chamber is designed to provide a safe repeatable environment within which to test the functionality and durability of electronic components, devices and systems before they are sent out for daily use by transferring them quickly between a pre-set level of heat to cold repeatedly giving them a severe thermal shock. Many industries will require thermal shock chamber calibration to ensure the temperature set by the technician is actually being generated by the chamber(s) to meet required industry standards. 

The thermal shock chamber has two independent chambers one above the other. The top one is electrically heated and the lower one refrigerated. The components being tested are put inside the upper chamber and at pre-determined temperatures / time are moved between the upper hot one and lower cold one using an electro-mechanical lift in approximately 5 seconds per swap over many cycles. This allows the technician to observe the heat and cooling characteristics of the components. If one part contracts or expands at a different rate to other components it can lead to breakages of pins and failures of welds. If there are failures then they can be investigated and corrected before general release therefore increasing the reliability of the product.  

Weisstechnik Thermal Shock Chamber
A Weisstechnik Thermal Shock Chamber

Qrometric will validate the operation of your thermal shock chamber, between the industry standard -80…+205°C range, mapping thermal gradients at various conditions. Qrometric use a 9 channel temperature bridge to provide a 3D readout of the process from all 8 corners of the chamber plus the centre to provide accurate thermal shock chamber validation.

Thermal Shock Chamber Calibration data chart showing a series of test cycles.
Data from 9 probes within the chamber is logged for analysis.

The data from the 9 probes is logged and analysed to determine the chamber’s performance is within specification. Qrometric then issue a certificate of calibration for the thermal shock chamber temperature control probe. 

Did you know: 55% of all electrical component faults within aeronautical use due to temperature shock (and 16% due to humidity btw). 


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