Qrometric offer a Thunder Scientific 2500 service to maintain and repair this equipment as the UK and Ireland distributor for Thunder Scientific Corporation.

Calibration Laboratories all over the world rely on their Thunder Scientific 2500s to give them an accurate standard to calibrate sensors for their customers. They are typically run for long periods over the working week with minimal regard for their maintenance but like everything with moving parts regular servicing can reduce the chance of costly downtime for these vital pieces of laboratory equipment.  

A Thunder Scientific 2500 is typically used to produce a carefully controlled environment within which to create a reference relative humidity and temperature against sensors placed inside the test chamber. The data from the sensors being tested is logged to software and compared against the known reference of the chamber.  

Thunder Scientific 2500 service © Qrometric Ltd
Thunder Scientific 2500 service © Qrometric Ltd

Qrometric – Thunder 2500 specialists

Qrometric Operations Director Ned Hawes has worked with the Thunder 2500 for a number of years and has become familiar with the demands made on them. He can service your Thunder 2500 on-site to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible. Ned can run diagnostics to find faults and check essential upgrades have been undertaken. He can also fine tune the system to ensure it is running accurately, showing good stability and as efficiently as possible. Thunder Scientific 2500 service is vital to ensure your machine is kept working in peak condition. 

Thunder Scientific 2500 profile drawing

Ned is also familiar with common faults and can usually make a repair on-site to ensure your Thunder Scientific 2500 is ready to run again. Qrometric can also usually provide a loan Thunder 2500 if your own needs to be returned to Qrometric for further work / overhaul.  

Contact Qrometric to discuss your Thunder Scientific 2500 service on +44 (0)207 099 5807 or use the contact form to request a call back at your convenience.